how do i find my

story and express

it in ways that are

civically meaningful?

Activity 3: How Can My Voiced Story be Used to Create Innovative Sex Ed in Schools?

(120 minutes)


Not your Momma’s sex ed: Using Radical Youth Media to Tell Your Story (link)


“This two hour activity is designed to help youth identify the main sources of media and think about being resourceful storytellers. It helps youth envision ways to redefine media in order to take back the power and create by any means necessary.


The theme of the workshop is sex ed and breaking out of gendered stereotypes. Talking about sex openly with your peers can be a very scary thing. Will they think your questions are stupid or your desires are gross? What if you are way more experienced or not as experienced sexually as your peers? These can be difficult conversations to start so we want to give everyone some ground rules so that the conversations and the creative filmmaking processes can feel safe, fun, and empowering. We intend to have a lot of fun and give everyone the freedom to play, create, and reimagine a world full of possibility, but in order to do that we have to establish some playground rules to keep the space safe and have shared strategies for working in an open and collaborative way.

The activity takes students through the process of creating a short film out of everything that is available to them. This is a good beginning activity for participants. It helps young people define media and also empowers them to think of themselves as daily creators of media.”

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Students explore their identities and communities, identify civic issues that matter to them, and consider how they might use digital media for civic participation.

Students work to understand and analyze civic information online, and consider what information they

can trust.

Students navigate diverse perspectives and exchange ideas about civic issues in our inter-connected world .

Students consider how, when and to what end they can create, remix and otherwise re-purpose content that they share with others in online spaces.

Students consider a broad range of tactics and strategies for acting on civic issues.